Prayer and Fasting

In summer of 1993, after my volunteer mission in Cebu, Philippines for three solid years by faith (no job and financial support) and after completing my Bible Seminary degree, unexpected twists and turns bombarded my life. I wanted to go back to the mission overseas where I worked and served the Lord’s ministry, but the seminary president offered me a faculty position. I was moved to pray and fast longer to know God’s will for me whether to go to my former mission field or serve at the Cebu Bible Seminary in the Philippines.

My entire being was transformed when by God’s mercy and grace, I was given a gift of full prayer and fasting (bottled mineral water only without any food) for forty days at the Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Mt. Buso-buso, Antipolo City, Philippines, from April 1993 to May 1993.

My heart and mind were healed from fear, apathy, unforgiveness, and bitterness. Slowly some unresolved issues about family and other people involved with me in the past were exposed as I wrestled in prayers, worship, reading the Word, and interceding with fellow servants’ day and night at the prayer mountain.

These are the things that I learned from practicing prayer and fasting for almost thirty-five years under the Lordship of Jesus as my Shepherd and Lover of my soul:

When I have false assumptions or wrong attitudes to anyone, the Holy Spirit prompts me at once. I can hear the Holy Spirit’s whisper to me or words from God in the Bible resonate to my heart and mind to ease me according to His will and timing for His glory and honor.

Fear of sharing about Jesus’ love and forgiveness has less control over me.

My sensitivity to the Lord’s message as I read the Bible is like healing waters that flow in me especially during my period of prayer and fasting.

When facing difficult situations, I can easily accept our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ’s Yes or No or Delay  reply on my prayers with an assurance of God’s love.

Avoiding caffeinated drinks for decades is possible only by the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It makes my prayer and fasting easy without headache and caffeine withdrawal.

Good intention is not enough. Before you fast, seek the Lord’s will for you. Have someone who had experience to pray, advise and guide you. Read from the Bible about those instruction about fasting.

When I pray for people with desperate needs like serious illness or unbearable situations, most of the time there is a special message or impression that the Holy Spirit gives me that I cannot explain in words.

My physical condition is extraordinarily good at my age. By God’s healing grace and mercy, with His Word gives me contentment and peace.

My relationship with my late precious husband, family, friends, and sphere of influence becomes meaningful and faith-enhancing even with trials and difficulties.

Even there are times of chaotic prayer and fasting due to my personal struggles, people or circumstances that surround me, still the love of Jesus resonates stronger on me stronger during moments of prayer and fasting.

Not all people are physically, mentally and spiritually fit to do prayer and fasting such as abstaining from food or doing partial fasting.

Anything you give up and replace it with quality time with the Lord Jesus, reading His love letters, the Bible, or doing your chores or work while engaging Jesus in all that you think, say and do, is considered a fasting too.

When I abstain from social media or TV viewing just to listen to Christian music or continue my daily responsibilities focusing more on what Jesus Christ wants me to hear, say and do, highlights my day like fasting.

Fellow Christians, the more you intentionally submit to Jesus’ Lordship and empowerment by the Holy Spirit over you; the greater your ability to enjoy and fulfill what God has started in your life. Nobody can resist God’s best for your life. Prayer and fasting may be your calling too.

Share your comments and contact me so I cam pray for you at http://www.lilianhosfeld.com.

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