Prayer Group

God Has Something Better Prayer Group

In 2006 our Pastor at Valley Christian Church announced, “Anyone who would like to host our once a month prayer breakfast at home?”

I prayed about my desire to host the prayer breakfast before I discussed about it with my precious husband. Without hesitation, “Yes, we can host the monthly meeting here at home.”

When my father was healed from serious illness after intense prayer and fasting in 1987. I yield my life to Jesus Christ, as the Lover of my soul and Great Healer. I have committed my life in praying and encouraging others. No one in this world can love, heal and forgive us like our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to walk side by side with my fellow GHSB Prayer Group for more than a decade.

Since August 2006, we hosted the first gathering of praying friends in our home followed by monthly prayer breakfast until now 2018. Several core group members remained faithful and visitors from other Church congregation joined us here in Utah, others transferred to different states. Our beloved Belle Ostrander and Cecil Meadow moved to heaven.

GHSB (God Has Something Better based in Hebrews 11:40) Prayer Group has unique membership from different Bible believing Churches in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are growing as praying friends by encouraging and praying for one another. We take our group accountability partnership seriously. Everyday we have volunteers praying for urgent needs, daily praise and prayer on our bulletin, group texts and emails. Our prayers cover issues and needs locally and internationally.

We as a prayer group believe that love, compassion and healing power of Jesus is upon us. By His wounds on the cross at Calvary we are healed according to His will and purpose. We extend our Savior’s love, compassion and healing to anyone who needs His guidance, wisdom and healing. With the help and empowerment by the Holy Spirit who sealed us since we individually accepted the Lordship of Jesus Christ upon us we endure by faith and become overcomer of difficulties in this world.

From our God Has Something Better Prayer Group we pray for God’s best for you and your loved ones.

If you have any prayer concerns or if you are in need of encouragement, please contact me.