About Me


Are you amazed to see and experience how the Lord answers your prayers for yourself and others?

“Lilian, whatever gifts the Lord gave you, use them for His glory and He will bless you,” Dad challenged me when I was in high school.

I was blessed by my parents’ unselfish love and willingness to have an open home to the needy people, missionaries and anybody who visited our home church in the Philippines. Our daily evening family devotion-filled with Dad’s prayers of blessings, Bible promises, and courage to succeed in life-shaped me as His servant. In addition to my spiritual training at home, I grew immensely developing my spiritual gifts while serving the Lord in the Philippines and overseas.

My passion to pray and fast started when I worked overseas in a country restricted to Christian missionaries and volunteered in the underground ministry. During the fasting month of that country, I was convicted about prayer and fasting in the Bible, practiced it, and experienced the spiritual blessings that helped me see people’s brokenness with Christ-like love and compassion.

Being blessed by His grace to experience the joy of intimacy with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ day and night for forty- day full fast (bottled mineral water only) and prayer at the Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Mt. Buso-buso, Antipolo City, Philippines on summer of 1993 paved my way to pray for people with compassion and love from our gracious God. The gift of prolonged fellowship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ healed me from bitterness and brokenness.

I have engaged in prayer ministry for almost three decades now. Prayer walking in our neighborhood during weekdays and joining our home church prayer group in Utah before Sunday worship humbled me seeing lives changed. I praise God for my opportunity to lead our GHSB (God Had Planned Something Better based on Hebrews 11:40) Prayer Group monthly prayer breakfast at our home wherein some of our core group members became passionate intercessors.

My fellow Utah Christian writers encourage me to write my unique voice in this world filled with strange voices contrary to God’s Word. I am blessed with several articles being published and writing several nonfiction books in progress.

As I obey and submit to His will, my dream of lifetime ministry happens. Does God calls you to do something? What holds you back? What He did for me He can do for you.