My Funniest Christmas

My beloved step-niece, Erica, who loves to play guitar and sing is my guest blogger today.

One Christmas eve in my stepfather’s family we have a contest by team. The funniest game we had was a competition of having a longest line of stuff laid on the floor. My two brothers and cousins had taken off their clothes to beat the other team. Once they were almost naked, instead of wearing their clothes back, they giggled, and posed like a super model.

Besides the contest we hang around longer eating, chatting, singing, and receiving money from aunties, uncles, and Grandma. Taking pictures highlighted our gathering. I cherished the joyous moments with my family in His special day, when our Lord and Savior Jesus was born.

Family is a gift from God not only during Christmas but throughout the year. Think of a loving and caring action you can do to your family. Remember, a gift is something you treasure!

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