Funniest Experience

Written by my beloved niece, Jamie, who loves to create a graphic design and watch movies on Netflix, and was endowed with God-given opportunity as a scholar from the University of the Philippines.

Growing up with my cousin, Hannah, we share a lot of memories. For a longer time, we were playmates and the only kids in our extended family.

We usually saw our uncle watched wrestling on the television. One time, we decided to play pretend as wrestlers in our grandparent’s room. We took off our clothes and wore undies just like wrestlers wore boxer shorts. We fought and hit each other’s hard. I couldn’t remember who was hurt badly. We lost control, pulled each other’s hair and wrestled each other until our energy wore off.

Ironically, our late grandfather Rogelio did not separate us, instead he cheered and allowed us to fight harder.

It was funny at that moment how we were best of friends turned into a worst enemies.

Time passed. Amazingly, we matured as women who understand each other. Thank God for His ways. Now, we are best of cousins forever!

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