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My Funniest Christmas Experience

Written by Hannah P. Ranollo, my beloved niece, who loves to sing for the Lord Jesus.

Our salvation by faith in Jesus Christ is the greatest Christmas gift we received.

During Christmas here in the Philippines, it’s not complete without family gatherings, carolings and the “pamasko” (gifts in kind or cash) from our godparents and relatives.

I remembered when I was about six or seven years old, me and my two older cousins held a rope to block some passersby to greet them Merry Christmas and asked for pamasko. It should be a voluntary thing but we coerced them to give. Some dodged us and ran, some were forced and others willingly gave.

Our aged neighbor reprimanded and persuaded them to give us money. Christmas here in the Philippines is long but we did it in the month of February.

Our persistence paid off. What about you?

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