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Graceful Transition

“Lord God and Savior Jesus please take me home, I can’t endure the pain anymore but if You will heal me, I will still take care of Lilian,” my precious Hal prayed with confidence before we went to bed on August 15, 2020.

I was speechless, moved by his loving care, and started praying a deep longing for what God’s will for both of us. He went with me to the grocery stores and other errands using his motorized chair.   

The VA doctors, counselors, and the amputee clinic and staff were so kind and willing to do anything for us but his lower backpain, phantom pain, and balance dosed him with mostly bad days.

Our deep need of loving and supporting each other day and night started when he lost his right leg last April 2, 2015. His right foot had several failed procedures till he decided with the VA Medical team to amputate his right below the knee. It was messed up for few decades due to his parachuting injury with the Special Forces.

My precious Hal’s continues battle against PTSD got worst when his chronic pain kicked in. Seeing him suffered with less relief from medications made me wonder how far we can go together. His personal love and submission to Jesus’ Lordship eased some of his struggles. He loves listening to Scriptures, Christian music and Biblical messages.

One time with teary eyes,” Lilian, if God did not give you to me, I might be six feet below the ground for a long time.”

I treasured all the wonders of our bonding moments, escapades and secrets.

That Saturday afternoon, after I bathed all the dogs outdoor and fixed our dinner.  I assisted him from our bedroom to the safe step tub and helped him with my watchful eyes. I went to the kitchen to turn off the stove. When I returned he looked so pale.  I asked him, “Honey let’s dress up and go the VA emergency.”

“No, I am fine.”

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed water and cellphone to call 911. Within few minutes the paramedics arrived. They failed to resuscitate him. It was 6:45 PM, August 22, 2020, when my precious Hal gracefully transitioned from our home to Heaven.

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