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Does fasting appeals to you?

We have a wonderful experience of being together despite of the distance and united in faith as we prayed and fasted last April 4, 2020 to April 10, 2020. Some zealously prayed, others skipped few meals, others offered a day, and few of us were blessed to complete the seven day prayer and fasting with inner strength and joy.

What moved me most was there were several who tried to pray and fast for the first time. We praise our Lord God and Savior for humbling us to see the COVID-19 in several hotspots went down, humbling realization that God is merciful and renewed our love and passion for the Lord’s calling.

Thank you for your untiring prayer support and participation. Sorry, for the late announcement and less information. I planned to do it with few friends only, but the closer the date was, I got enough courage to share it to anyone who might be interested to join. Glory, honor and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ alone for the results! Words are not enough to describe it.

Did you know that fasting has health advantages? Personally, I experienced lighter feeling, improved immune system, healed from inflammation, and my digestive system improved. Feel free to call me or text me for details. I simply called it cleansing and rebooting of my body, soul and spirit.

Other prefers to go without food for days at a time, only drinking water or soup or juice—but that can be difficult. The Daniel fast has become popular and is often favored. Read thoughtfully and prayerfully Daniel 10: 1-20 to resonate on your heart. He set an example to us how to stay fit and smart by eating food in their natural state, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and water.

Becoming popular now is intermittent fasting, which limits meals to certain windows of time. Some people choose to only eat during a six-hour period. Any short period of hours will do. With intermittent fasting, your body has plenty of time to burn off sugar so that it can switch over to fat, afterwards, helping you to lose weight. In addition, it triggers a cellular stress response in the body that helps it to cope with daily stressors.

No matter what appeals to you, fasting can be a healthy addition to your spiritual journey. Be sure to consult your doctor and pray for God’s wisdom and guidance before you decide.

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