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Divine assignments or appointments

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 NIV.

“Lord, I will be visiting my family in the Philippines. During the long flight give me the chance to share about your love and healing power to anyone who will sit on my left side.”

I flew with a lady friend who sat on my right side back and forth from Utah, USA to the Philippines on November 29, 2022 and returned to USA on January 12, 2023.

I prayed, soaked in God’s Word, and fasted for few days before and during Thanksgiving Day as part of my preparation for the he trip. My praise and prayer with Bible scriptures focused on defeating spiritual blinders and spiritual barriers that satan could use against my commitment to share about Captivated by God’s Love and Healing during several Church’s events in the Philippines.

As we boarded to Los Angeles a single guy in his forties sat on my left side, who works as an IT in Utah. He was reading a book about magic. I listened to his story about his job change, his business meeting in Los Angeles, and his parents in Missouri. He has home in Utah close to the church where I belonged.

I shared about how Jesus molded me to love, listen and encourage people about life’s purpose and fulfillment. I made mistakes and poor decisions when I was young but because my faith, trust and love of Jesus, He restores me back to His best plan for me over and over.

Would you like to turn your life, your career and every area of your life to Jesus? He was dumbfounded. After few minutes of exchange, he admitted that it’s hard and confusing to navigate life.

He ended praying with me for Jesus to come to his heart and help him. He decided to connect with his parents and  involve them in his life. I gave our church website and encourage him to connect online or in person to any Bible believing church.

From Los Angeles, California to Taiwan, a Chinese lady full of zest in life with her lady companion was my next opportunity to share Jesus’ love. She is a Christian who will visit her relatives in Taiwan after more than twenty years of not seeing them. We encouraged and prayed for our faith to grow and  wisdom to share and wait expectantly for the salvation for her companion and relatives in Taiwan.

From Taiwan to Manila Philippines, an old bachelor who was an engineer and scientist was my next opportunity. He described himself as an agnostic. He visited his Filipino fiancee. We talked about Jesus Christ’s love and ability to change my life and my direction when I was the same age like him. He shared to me about his friend in Ontario Canada who always talk about Jesus Christ’ Lordship, love and healing power.

We had shared different areas about the beauty and challenges on cross-cultural marriage. He opened up his heart to Jesus Christ. We prayed for his desire to know and allow Jesus to reign in his life and blessing for him and his fiancee.

It’s amazing how the Lord opened the door as His Holy Spirit leads me to speak and listen.

On my return trip from Manila to Taiwan, the first who sat on my left was a guy from New York in his late thirties, who visited his fiancee in the Philippines. He was open to the Gospel. His uncle is a pastor. His Mom, Dad, and Grandma are his prayer supporters.

Lilian, I turned my back from the Lord Jesus, but you are God sent to me to speak the truth that I needed Him more now than ever. I had uncertainty about how to get married and shared my life to her. He disclosed his good and bad experiences in life. We tied it up with prayers of recommitment to Jesus and His leading to him.

Two days ago, I received an email from him asking for prayer for comfort and peace as his Dad went to Heaven. I assured him that he, his fiancee and the rest of his family will be part of my prayer journal.

From Taiwan to Los Angeles California, a guy who was supposed to be sitting on my left side, backed off. He announced that anyone who will exchange his seat, he’ll give one hundred dollars. A Filipino guy in his late twenties accepted the offer, a Home and Restaurant Management graduate, and with big smile sat beside me. He will work on a cruise liner based in the USA as food server. He lost his Mom to cancer at thirteen. He, his big brother and two sisters stayed together in their ancestral home. Even his Dad remarried, left them, they helped each other to pursue their education and careers.

Lilian, do you think God loves me after those years that I never go to church? I felt his pain and encourage him that God honors what’s in his heart.

After losing his Mom, their neighbor invited him and her sisters to church every Sunday. He accepted and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ but during college days he stopped serving the Lord Jesus. After graduation, he worked overseas and was caught up in life’s dilemma during the pandemic. He wanted to save money to build a home, get married and start a better life with his fiancee in the Philippines.

We had shared insights about family, serving God, stewardship of money, and relationships based on the Word of God. He recommitted his life to Jesus Christ. His busy schedule on his new job will allow him to join online worship and Bible studies.

On the way to Utah, a family man in his late forties sat beside me. He was straightforward like he got it all. He will move his business to Hawaii with his family. My heart and mind goes to him as I pray silently.

He refused to be prayed for. He bragged about his Dad and his Dad’s wife  who are missionaries praying for him all the time. I firmly believe that God has a reason why we sat together on my trip back home.

I sow the seed and God will make it grow by His Holy Spirit.

As for me and my lady friend, we had fun and hiccups on our departure and arrival in Utah but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ made a way for my wallet misplaced and her cell phone retrieved. “Jesus Christ thank you that you love us and cares for every detail of our life, our daily journey and travels.”

God’s assurance for you and me, “….for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose” (Philippians 2:13).

I sought the Lord’s assignments for me and allow Him to carry it on through me. Are these divine assignments or appointments? I pray and hope that you’ll never miss yours.

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