Place of Pleasure

Grief hits hard on me this past Christmas. My precious husband transitioned from our home to Heaven on August 22, 2020.

Music and messages on the Christian radio and television eased my spiraling emotion.

What shall I do Lord? My sister is coming to visit me for two weeks. Grant me the wisdom, inner joy and courage to be a loving host, encouraging and helping my COVID inflicted & troubled friends and neighbors.

Flowers especially orchids stand out as my source of encouragement as friends showered me after my hubby left. The more flowers I have, and shared it to others, the more joy and peace calmed my grieving heart.

After few days of my sister’s arrival, we went to have her PCR (molecular viral testing) to South Jordan Landing. It was closed. We rebooked at Herriman.

The delays and slow driving on a snowy road, hunger and chilly weather led us to the food court to have our lunch. My cell phone rang, my next door neighbor was wailing, “Lilian, our house was burned including Bella (her dog) !”

Speechless while listening and praying in the Spirit for a moment, “Sorry, we will be heading back home now. We are praying….”

Overwhelming missed calls from our neighbors moved me. The love of Jesus resonates in my heart and mind while declaring His assurance of protection, wisdom and mercy to us and our neighborhood.

As we arrived on our area, ambulance, police cars, and firetrucks blocked our way. The policeman told me, “Ma’am just park on the other side of the street.”

As we entered in our cul-de-sac, no more fire, but the firemen was still spraying water over our neighbor’s charred home. My neighbor hardly survived the fire, without the bark of her Yellow Labrador Retriever, as she was in the room packing her clothes for Christmas vacation with her relatives. She ran out under falling burning debris and failed to grab her dog.

When I saw my next door neighbor’s home burned and the one on the south side had damaged on the side, I cried praying with mixed emotions.

As I looked at our house without damage, a peace and comfort overflowed within me despite of my sympathy with my neighbors.

When I think of our home, the first thing that I recalled was when me and my precious Hal dedicated it for the Lord’s ministry. Until now, for me, it is my place of refuge, prayer and fasting, encouraging and ministering to people, relaxation, and pleasures.

Did you know that Eden in Hebrew means “place of pleasure or delight?”

For the first time, this past Christmas, several friends gave me a brand name of perfume with label “pleasures,” I raised my hand to God and whispered, “Thank you for the pleasures of your love and protection over me, over my place of delight, and my visiting sister.”

Is there anything hindering your pleasures in your life and at home? Our Lord and Savior Jesus can overrule anything in times of your challenges. What He did for me He can do it for you.

If you have any questions, comments and prayer requests feel free to contact me at http://www.lilianhosfeld.com

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